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Planning for Weather on Your wedding day

I’ve heard that if the weather didn’t change often a lot of folks would not be able to start a conversation.  Ha!  Since we opened Murphy Lane almost 4 years ago we have become much more “weather aware”, especially on wedding days.  We’ve had warm, sunny days in December and sideways rain in October.  We’ve seen temperatures in the 90’s in August.  It amuses me to see how weather apps declare with such certainty exactly what will happen and when!  But I still can’t find the “guarantee” on any of them.  Just when you think you know what kind of day you’ll have the weather changes.  That’s why we like to talk about Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even a Last Minute Plan. 

We talk about the options for different weather conditions from the very first visit people have to our venue until the day of the wedding.  Most details are worked out by the time of the “final walk-through” meeting, about 3 weeks prior to the wedding date.  We cover details for each scenario so everyone is comfortable with any option.  It seems that if everyone knows in advance what each plan looks like there is less stress as the wedding day approaches.  Kara likes to remind our couples, “It doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day you’ll still be married!”

Plan A is the “good weather” plan.  We have several outdoor ceremony sites to choose from.  If the weather is good we have many great ways to use our space.  We discuss the ceremony site, cocktail hour, the reception (dining and dancing) and the send-off.  Most of the time we are able to use Plan A!

Plan B is the “bad weather” plan.  What happens if it’s raining or very cold and windy?  We need to have a plan to keep your guests dry and comfortable.  Every venue is somewhat limited by the amount of square footage that can be used for this plan.  We have a covered patio that can be used for a ceremony, cocktail hour, dining or dancing.  We can also creatively use our indoor space.  We always try to prevent your guests from seeing a “flip” of our space.  By managing the itinerary (ie inside ceremony and then a cocktail hour on the patio) we can change the look of a room in just a few minutes without your guests even being aware.  Your guests are enjoying themselves while having a few appetizers and drinks on the patio while we are “flipping” the inside of the barn to get ready for dining.  We appreciate our vendors and Murphy Lane staff who rise to the occasion to make it happen!

Plan C is what I sometimes call Plan M.  M is for mud!  Maybe you wanted an outdoor ceremony out at one of our pasture sites but we’ve had lots of rain.  But now the clouds have broken and it’s a nice day!  The fields may be too soggy and you know it would be a mess to get your bridal party and guests out to your first choice of ceremony sites.  So, how about keeping your ceremony outside but relocating to a place with dry ground?  We have a few options here as well.  The front of our barn has a paved area.  The patio has pavers on all sides.  We can easily move your ceremony to dry ground and enjoy the beautiful weather even if the fields are too wet. 

Finally, what happens if we plan to have the ceremony outside but 5 minutes before it starts to rain?  Even though this is rare we want to at least talk about it with you during the planning process.  Out of all the events we have had here in over 3 years, we have had to make last-minute changes twice.  Not bad considering we just hosted our 100th wedding!  Your guests will instinctively head for cover.  Our staff will help direct them to the designated “last minute” site.  One option is to use the covered patio space.  Another idea is to have most guests sit at their assigned table for dining and create a special ceremony seating plan for your most special guests. 

It seems like having plans for a variety of weather scenarios is like insurance.  If you have it, you won’t need it!  We want you to be comfortable with all the plans even when it’s not your first choice.  We will work hard to be sure it is still your BEST DAY EVER!  And no matter what plan we use you’ll still get married!