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view from under Murphy Lane's covered patio

Now you don’t see it.  Now you do!

We have a new roof at Murphy Lane.  Kara and I completed a major barn renovation and opened for business about 2 years ago.  We wanted to create an elegant interior for our venue with a wrap-around patio.  We love the beautiful Georgia weather (well, we could use a little rain!) and the gorgeous vistas on our property.  We decided to put in a patio that would allow our guests to move in and out of our building and to enjoy the great outdoors.  As we opened up for business and began to host weddings and other events we came to realize that we always needed a Plan B for bad weather.  It was easy to come up with Plan A, the good weather option.  We have several ceremony sites to choose from.  It’s easy to get around on our property because of the gentle terrain.  But…. we always needed to have an option for rain or cold or heat.  That’s part of Georgia’s weather, too.  Believe it or not, it used to rain in Georgia so we had to use Plan B more than Plan A for a while.  We saw the importance of being able to move from one plan to the other quickly.  Tenting was the only option for creating a viable Plan B in most cases.  We had tents on our patio or on the grassy lawn areas for many weddings, just in case we needed to use them.  Not that tenting is bad but we saw the need for a permanent solution. 

After several months of planning, working with architects, engineers and builders we came up with a plan.  We decided to shut down for most of July, all of August and the first few days of September 2019 while we undertook a construction project.  We wanted to have a new building that looked like the existing one.  We wanted it to fit in with the ambiance we already had.  We wanted to maintain the open feeling you get while standing on our west patio looking out over the pastures towards the horizon.  We minimized columns and made a high ceiling to keep it open.  We installed flexible, clear walls that can be quickly installed when needed.  When not in use the walls are hidden in secret closets in the columns.  (Not so secret anymore I suppose…)  So now we have a way to create shade on those hot, sunny days, walls to keep blowing rain out and a combination of walls and portable heaters to create “warm and cozy” if needed.

The new structure is not just functional.  It is elegant and comfortable as well.  We have 2 large chandeliers, up- and down-lighting on our columns, a tongue and groove white-washed ceiling and 8 ceiling fans.  The ceiling is tall!  13 1/2 ft tall!  That’s close to the 16 ft ceiling we have inside.  The lighting is on dimmers.  The fans not only have variable speeds but can also slowly rotate 360 degrees.  We recently had our first wedding ceremony under the new roof, not because it was raining but because they wanted their special moment to be right there on the patio under the beautiful new structure!

We always talk about a plan for less than ideal conditions with anyone who considers Murphy Lane as a venue.  Now, instead of tenting, we have a permanent option for Plan B.  Tenting was an additional expense to our customers.  Now we have an improvement here that may alleviate that expense.  There are still situations that may require tenting.  We have plenty of places for tents still.  Tents can be a great addition to create spaces that fit well with our overall venue plan for weddings and special events.  We have tent suppliers who are familiar with our property and can help you if necessary.

If it ever rains again here in Georgia, we’ve (literally) got you covered!